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“Not long ago, jazz was the flow and heroes lived their dreams. Musically jazz was a Love Supreme, ‘cause jazz was a trip through fame.”

Fillmore Jazz Ambassadors

In addition to our dedication to rejuvenating jazz in San Francisco, we work to:

  • Introduce jazz to the public & share the evolution of jazz history to the world
  • Share the history of the African influence in jazz: Canadian Creole, New Orleans funerals, Latin & Caribbean Jazz
  • Create a new "Fillmore Jazz District" to share our story through jazz

We Escort You Through a Musical Journey

Fillmore Jazz Ambassadors (FJA) is dedicated to reviving jazz in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. We are individuals who have come together because of our shared passion for jazz.

Darlene Roberts, Founder

Darlene was a Rock'n'Roll girl, but her love for jazz began when she was 18. Her brother hired babysitters to protect her while he was at work. It just so happened that her babysitters were jazz lovers that took her to the underground jazz clubs in San Francisco. Darlene watched in awe as the man with his back to the audience started playing the trumpet on stage . If you guessed Miles Davis at the Both/And, you are correct!  That was when Darlene began to appreciate jazz and a jazz love affair was in full bloom..

In 2019, Darlene decided to quit her job in order to produce jazz. Although it was harder than she thought it would be, she continues to work hard in pursuing her passion, JAZZ!  JAZZ! JAZZ!!!

Dr. David Hardiman Sr, Senior Music Director

2019 -- IAOTP Best Music Director of the Year
2019 -- Bay Area Jazz & Blues Artists Lifetime Achievement Award
2017 --  Northern California Entertainment Music Award, Best Jazz Band of the Year.
2017 -- Honorary Doctorate of Arts World Music,  Martin University, Indianapolis, Ind.
1971 -- Masters of Music, Butler University

Professional musician, trumpet & flugelhorn player, pianist, composer/arranger, College Music Professor, Jazz Historian and Adjudicator.  Professor, City College of San Francisco (1994-2004), including Alameda, and Contra Costa Colleges.  

Teacher of instrumental music at both: Berkeley California Unified School District and Indianapolis, Ind. Public Schools.

Mission and Vision

To create a thriving bay area jazz environment that sustains, develops and honors jazz practitioners. FJA educates the community through discussion, programs, and music grounded in the famous “Harlem of the West,” jazz era and dedicated to the revitalization of San Francisco’s, Fillmore Jazz District.

We envision a world where educating the community through Jazz music is acknowledged, respected, and developed and seen as the outgrowth of African American struggle, pain, and enjoyment.

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