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Fillmore Jazz Ambassadors Mission & Vision

To create excitement and rejuvenate jazz through jazz history workshops, jam sessions, & jazz production workshops, followed by jazz productions to showcase the jazz projects from the workshops presented by local jazz legends featuring local artists.

FJA strives to inspire a jazz renaissance to transform the "Old Fillmore Jazz Preservation District" into the new "Fillmore Jazz District" through tourism to restore the disenfranchised Fillmore community by spreading jazz throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Musical Journey

Allow the Fillmore Jazz Ambassadors, San Francisco's

Jazz historians, to take you on a magical journey through time when The Fillmore - in its hey day (1940 - 1960s), was known as "Harlem of the West". Our Jazz Ambassadors will chaperone you through the evolution & the rhythm of jazz --- what it meant to a once thriving community that survived the hardships of racial discrimination, urban renewal and Jim Crow segregation. Fillmore Jazz Ambassadors invite you to an imaginary trip through fame on Fillmore's "A" Train, 

"All Aboard!"

More to Come

We will be selling tickets to concerts, workshops, and special events. CDs and other promotional items will also be available. Check back for updates.

Quotes and Estimates

We offer quotes and estimates free of charge. To learn more, please contact us.

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